John Gordon "Captain of the Spies"
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Muster Roll
Below is a copy of the original muster roll for Captain Gordon's Mounted Spy Company from September 24th 1813 that include the names of all the men under his command. They were commanded by Major General Andrew Jackson and mustered into service on May 10th 1814 at Fayetteville TN. Captain Gordon states at the bottom of the signed copy, "I certify that each non-comissioned officer, musician, and private in the company under my command traveled 150 miles in going to Fayetteville where they were musterd into service and returning from Fayetteville to Hickman Court House in Hickman County after being discharged against best information I am in possession of."

Original Muster Roll from 1813

Enlistment Card

Dolley Cross Gordon married the Captain in 1794 & lived to be 81 passing away in 1859. She was a successful business woman operating the Duck River Ferry and Trading Post while her husband was away on his excursions.

The Old Gordon Home

Picture taken Oct. 1924 Top Row: Osceola Gordon Jones, great great great grandson, Bottom Row l to r: Miss Camille Gordon, Mrs. Loulie Gordon Jones, Mrs. Lucile Gordon Frierson, great grandchildren Osceola Gordon Jones Sr., Mrs. Elnora Gordon Frierson great grandchildren; Osceola Gordon Jones Sr., Mrs. Elnora Gordon Faucett, great great grandchildren; Payton A Sowell great grandson.

A True Tennessee Pioneer Family

Captain Gordon & Dolly's Grave / Rose Hill Cemetery Columbia, TN

Tennessee Representative and Senator Bolling Gordon (1800-1880)

Louisa Pocahontas Gordon & child (wife of Gen. Felix Zollicoffer C.S.A.)

Capt. William Gordon , U.S. Dragoons 1836-1837 (commissioned June 8th, 1836)